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Wal-Rich Corporation

Wal-Rich Corporation
in.Crown in. Pack Washers & Screws
Basin Rosettes
Bibb Screw Assortment
Blue Waterproof Emery Cloth
Brass Closet Flanges
Basin Buddy® Basin Nut Wrench
1 in. Bar Plug
Air Valve Keys
Aluminum Hook for Washing Machine Discharge Hose
Ballcock Plunger Repair Kits
Brass Hex Plug
Cast Brass Washing Machine Tee
Cast Iron Boiler Tube Repair Plugs
Chrome-Plated Adjustable Jiffy Flange
Chrome-Plated Brass 45° Shower Arms
Chrome-Plated Brass Urinal Strainer
Chrome-Plated Cast Brass Grid Drain
Chrome-Plated Shower Stall Strainer
Chrome-Plated Slip-On Spout
Chrome-Plated Steel Low Escutcheons
Chrome-Plated Volume Control Shower Head
Clamp for Fresh Air Plate
Close Couple Washers
Closet / Urinal Spuds with Washer
Cock Hole Covers
Combination Coin / Key Air Valve
Die-Cast Slipnuts - Zinc
Douglas Type Flush Valve
Faucet Handle Puller
FlexiFlow® Dishwasher Connectors
Fresh Air Plate Less Clamp
Galvanized Steel Cesspool Plates
Heavy-Duty Steel Floor &
Kwick-Wick Spools
Lampwick Balls
Neoprene Faucet Washers
No-Caulk Shower Drains with Stainless Steel Grid
Nut Driver
O-Ring Assortment Kit
Plastic Float Ball
Plastic Split Escutcheons
Plumbers Candles
Polished Aluminum Shower Curtain Rods
PVC Suspension Clamps
Radiator Spud Wrench
Red Rubber Packing Sheet
Reducing Slip Joint Washers
Replacement Basket Strainer with
Round Plastic Bolt Caps
Rubber Hose Washer
Rubber Slip Joint Washers
Rubber Tie Down
Seat Wrench
Sewage Ejector Check Valve
Shower Arm Escutcheons
Shower Body Socket Wrench Set
Shower Control Valves
Sink Legs
Steam Siphons (Pigtails)
Steel China Sink Hanger
Steel Floor & Ceiling Plates Less Spring
Streamliner Plastic Shower Head - Chrome Plated
Stuff-Sorter® Organizer Buckets
Tank-to-Bowl Bolts & Kits
Tapered Nylon Slip Joint Washers
Toilet Tank Trip Levers
Trip Lever Face Plate Assembly
W-R in.Premium in. Slip Joint Washers
W-R Brass Compression Couplings
W-R Water Gauge Set
Washing Machine Discharge Hose - Standard
Wing Nut Test Plugs